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Transform Your Business with Eco-Friendly Packaging by Eco-bags in 2020

Enter eco-friendly packaging with eco-bags

Author: Julian Parsons/Friday, December 20, 2019/Categories: Feature Writer Julian Parsons, Business

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Do you remember going to shops when you were young?

After a weekly trip to the supermarket you might remember carrying large brown paper bags filled with groceries from the supermarket to the car and from the car, up lots of stairs and into the house. 

The bottom of the paper shopping bag would sometimes break and the groceries would tumble to the ground. You’d chase the rolling apples or cans and gather them up and carry what was salvageable to its destination.  

Sound familiar?

This type of shopping trip changed with the introduction of the plastic shopping bag - hailed as a miracle for the modern housewife. But the result was a mountain of plastic trash.

Though the quintessential paper bag has returned, the truth is there needed to be a widespread solution to an age-old problem.

How can we make sustainable choices concerning packaging but also maintain our practical needs?

Enter eco-friendly packaging with eco-bags

Sustainable packaging can give companies that competitive edge as they engage with their customers. 

Eco-fashion is the movement of attempting to minimise the impact on the environment by using thoughtful materials while also keeping in mind the working conditions of creators and social responsibility.

It is this consumer trend that is pushing the evolution of sustainable packaging. The environmentally-aware customer demographic is growing. 

Experts from Direct Appliance Rentals state that “businesses are recognising this trend. In order to meet the changing needs of socially-aware customers, businesses must innovate their packing to be more sustainable.” 

Why move away from plastic packaging


There are many reasons why people need to start considering a move away from plastics toward innovative sustainable packaging.  

Scientists estimate that by 2050, if nothing is done to reduce the plastic going into the ocean, there will be more plastic by weight than there will be fish by weight in our world’s oceans. 

Petroleum-based plastics break into smaller and smaller pieces that animals ingest. Those tiny pieces of plastic enter into our food chain and the natural environment. 

The nutrition experts from Get A Healthy Life explain “the human body can handle plastic in small amounts, but it is the long term effects that should be a concern. Over time plastic ingestion can impact your immune system. A range of other negative health concerns can follow.” 

While the use of plastic bags on an individual scale may seem innocuous, when multiplied by thousands, millions and ultimately billions, the results can be catastrophic.

Thankfully the movement to reduce plastic is occuring, and every little bit counts.

What can eco-bags offer retailers and their customers 

Eco-bags make a number of great alternatives to the plastic bag. 

Bags that are compostable can break down when exposed to sunlight, heat and oxygen. 

Once they break down they leave behind no harmful toxins. They do need oxygen to compost so burying them or sending them to landfills may slow the breakdown process.  

Despite this, these innovative options show the advance in packaging and offer an exciting glimpse into a sustainable future.

Health experts from Wellbeing Health Retreats explain that there’s an increase in people looking for healthy lifestyle choices. Eco-bags are at the forefront of this social movement. 

They add, “more and more people are opting for lifestyle choices that place physical and mental wellbeing over commercial needs. The stress of modern life builds up, and small steps like switching to using a sustainable bag can be the start of a great change.”

Sustainable packaging design offered by eco-bags

Many companies have introduced recycling and composting practices to reduce their environmental footprint. 

Eco-bags offer businesses innovative sustainable packaging and branding. To ensure there are no toxins left in the environment after composting, eco-bags even use non-toxic water-based inks.


The experts from A Plus Carpet Cleaning explain how more businesses are opting for sustainable choices, noting “moves to create eco-friendly bags should be applauded. We opt for non-harmful cleaning chemicals and place the value of our clients and the community first, and eco-bags demonstrates that same commitment. This is worthy of celebration.”

Eco-totes are excellent for shopping and for retailers. These reusable bags are made from calico cotton, organic cotton, canvas and jute. These materials are very durable so the bags can be used thousands of times.

What does the future hold?

Being an environmentally-aware consumer means being able to trust the sustainable packaging offered to customers by retailers. 

Eco-bags take around 90 to 180 days to break down in a composting environment and return to earth safely. Compare this cycle to the thousands of years needed to break down plastics. You know you will minimise your impact on the environment by choosing alternatives to plastic. 


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